Passionists Ministries


Like Saint Paul of the Cross our Founder, we dedicate ourselves to evangelizing, and where necessary re-evangelizing the faithful, especially the poor in more neglected areas. Among the many apostolates, the preaching of parish missions and spiritual exercises remains our special and central activity.

The principal activity of the Passionist is preaching by means of mission, retreats and other opportune forms of announcing the Word of God and message of the Cross. Passionist Retreat House is located in Carmelaram, Bangalore.

As part of the local Church, we share its pastoral needs, and cooperate by offering our ministers in well planned apostolic activity. Passionists in India ministering two parishes with Our Lady of Velankanny as their Parton in the Diocese of Kottapuram and in the Diocese of Vellore respectively.

St. Gemma School was established in Randham mission, Diocese of Vellore to empower the people socially and spiritually through the medium of education. We are proud to impart Christian values through education. It is a boost to the poor, non-affordable, economically, socially backward and deprived children of the vicinity.

Formation ministry has been the focus of the Vice Province since the beginning. We help young and aspiring religious to choose free, conscious offering themselves to God and to the service of the Church in the Passionist way of life. We have 4 houses for 4 different stages of formation.

KDWM [Karnataka Domestic Workers Movement] Passionists join venture with the FSM Sisters: an attempt to promote the rights of the domestic workers especially women and to protect their children in the foster home.

Passionists reach out to Campus’ of Schools and Colleges to help the young minds in discerning their career and brightening their life with the experiences of God.

JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integration of Creation) is a platform where in Passionists involve themselves to make us all aware of the imminent ecological action, charity and education wherever is necessary.

Lay Passionist collaborates and shares our life and spirituality as sons and daughters of St. Paul of the Cross and we approach the future with them.

A group of young men who had felt being called to another vocation of life and thus decided to discontinue from the formation of Passionist way of life yet attuned with our Charism and spirituality continues to be part of the Passionist family.