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22 NOV 2020 TO 01 JAN 2022

The Passionist Jubilee


The Jubilee is the commemoration of a significant anniversary: the 300th year of the foundation of the Passionist Congregation. Therefore, like all anniversaries in life, we the Passionists remember, appreciate, look back and reflect on the past from the standpoint of the present with a critical view to the future, and, hopefully, finding   good reasons to celebrate.

Through The Words Of Our Superior General

“When we talk about renewing our mission, it is primarily about renewing ourselves, because ‘who we are and what we do’ are interconnected and interrelated”

The Three Reflective Segments Of The Third Centenary Jubilee Celebration Would Be:
  • Celebrations in gratitude and joy (GRATITUDE)
  • A continuing discovery of new ways to evangelize (PROPHECY)
  • A renewed enthusiasm to be contemplative-apostolic missionaries of hope (HOPE)

Jubilee Icon

The Jubilee icon was designed in the shape of a triptych, a form traditionally reserved for sacred art, and which contains an image of the mystery of the divine Trinity.

In the centre the last station of the Passion of Christ is presented. At the foot of the Cross is Mary, the mother of Jesus and St.Paul of the Cross. Under the extended hands of Christ two angels. The trunk of the Cross penetrates into the ground, into the underworld, where Satan, the ancient serpent, awaits the moment of his defeat. On the left is Saint Gemma, who represents the entire female component of the Passionist Congregation and Blessed Isidor, with a heart wounded by love. On the right, St.GabrielPossenti, with the skull, symbol of the mortality of a human life without God and the lighted candle ,symbolizing the relativity of every human despite. Beneath him is Blessed Dominic Barberi with an open book and two pens. God speaks through the heart and through the intellect.



The commemorative logo consists of three distinctparts: first and foremost, the emblem and name of the event, followed by the complementary graphic design composed of inspiring words of passion. In places highlighted within the design we placed the main theme that identifies the meaning of the third centenary- “Renewing our Mission”. Plus, the number 300 and the dates of the commemoration, which can be use, together with the logo, as elements in the graphic decoration of the different applications to be designed within the communication material created for publicizing the events of the centenary.

  • Every day of the Jubilee year in the following locations associated with the presence of St. Paul of the Cross: Ovada (AL), visiting the Founder’s birthplace.
  • The monastery of the Presentation of the B.M.V, on Monte Argentario, the first retreat founded by St. Paul of the Cross, where he lived from 1727 to 1744.
  • The monastery of Sant’Angelo of Vetralla (VT), founded by St. Paul, where he lived from 1744 to 1770.
  • The monastery/basilica of Sts. John and Paul, Rome, where the Founder lived the last two years of his life and where he died (October 18, 1775) and where his sacred remains reside.


ONE DAY 4 occasions of choice during the Jubilee year in all Passionist monasteries and convents. During Chapters, Assemblies, Congresses of the Congregation, Passionist Educational meetings, retreats preached in our retreat centers or preached by Passionists, as well as at meetings of spiritual, theological, or pastoral formation.

  • Repentance for one’s sins with sacramental confession, Eucharistic communion, prayer according to the Pope’s intentions.
  • Repentance for one’s sins, meditation/prayer for a reasonable time before the sacred remains of St. Paul of the Cross in Rome, to be concluded with the recitation of our Father, of the Creed, of a prayer to Jesus Crucified, to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to St. Paul of the Cross.
  • The elderly and the sick and those who for serious reasons cannot leave their house can receive the indulgence if they are repentant of all sin and have the intention of fulfilling, as soon as possible, the three usual conditions and the desire to participate in the Jubilee celebrations, offering to God their prayers, sufferings, and the hardships of their live.
  • 22 November 2020 At 10:30 AM: opening of the Holy Door, followed by the Eucharistic concelebration with Card. Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, as the principal concelebrant. Due to anti-COVID capacity restrictions, physical presence in the Basilica will be limited. However, the ceremony will be re-transmitted via streaming.
  • 9-18 August 2021 Meeting of young Passionist religious.
  • 21-24 September 2021 International Congress “The wisdom of the Cross in a pluralistic world” (Lateran University).
  • 18-22 October 2021 Meeting of Passionist bishops during the General Synod of the Congregation, including the communal celebration of the feast of St. Paul of the Cross.
  • 01-22 November 2021 Meeting of Passionist formators.
  • 01 January 2022 Conclusion of the Jubilee.